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It Happened One Wedding - Julie James I enjoyed this book, very much, despite its plot consisting of pretty much all tropes I usually don't care for and avoid like the plague.

FBI/cop/lawyer characters? check (hero is an FBI agent, the heroine is a lawyer)

women in their early to mid thirties seeking for the "one" true man who can give them 2.5 children? check (heroine is in her early thirties and while professionally highly succesful, she got fucked over by her cheating ex fiancé)

future mother (in law) who is sweetly nice and is dreaming of a home full of grandchildren? check (the hero's mother is very nice indeed and her life's ambition is to see her son's well married with a nice woman and children)

Despite all that I nevertheless decided to give It Happened One Wedding a try, mainly because it got so good reviews all over the place. In future I still won't actively search out these kind of plot ingredients, but I did love this book very much, especially the well drawn characters and the hero’s journey from “love ‘em and leave ‘em” to falling deeply in love. B+.