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Courting Carolina

Courting Carolina - Janet Chapman I was looking very much forward to reading Carolina's story, but was rather disappointed by the final result. Carolina is quite a lovely character with a lot of potential and unique possibilities of character development thanks to her magical/mythological background. She got a nice partner in Alec "I am just a normal ski bum, but secretly trained super weapon by the American military". Alec and Carolina's story starts out great but later on in the novel they are separated due to Carolina's duty to marry. Unfortunately, during this separation I couldn't quite grasp Alec's intent. Does he want to marry her now, or just to help her, does he actually like or only desires her body? He wasn't easy to like and rather vague in his personality. If there's one thing I really need in a romance story, it's to know for SURE that the hero and heroine WANT and DESIRE each other a little bit more than the next one night stand. C+