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The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski This was a lovely story right up to the ending when the heroine tells the hero she’s pregnant. *headdesk*

I was totally going with five stars until I read that little bit of information. And taking a wild guess here, but I assume she will miscarry due to the blurb from the second book. Hmmm, to read or not to read? I loved the chemistry and erotic tension in the first book very much. Andrew and Camryn get a lot of time to grow on each other, to make me like them and to develop an attraction to each other. Instant sex would have felt wrong, especially considering Camryn's past.

I am far from being a religious zealot but I hate irresponsible behaviour where children could be involved and all the more so because they are so freaking young (twenty and twenty-five!). B-