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Rule  - Jay Crownover I never liked Beautiful Disaster and definitely didn't get the hype surrounding the book. Somewhere a review mentioned Rule being a carbon copy of BD, a statement which I can't sign. I loved every page of Rule and Shaw’s romance story and would label this book a definite comfort read.

The only fly in the ointment where this novel is concerned is the whole plot surrounding Rule's relationship with his mother. Let me be straight, his mother is a bitch and in my opinion has been one not only since the death of Rule's twin brother Remy, but long before that. Yet the ending is all about the mother who has got some grief counselling and now apparently has found her motherly feelings again, wanting to make amendments.

The relationship between Rule and his mother remains strained. Fortunately, JC does not turn this in a sappy love-feast because that would have made me throw me ereader against the wall, but it nevertheless felt wrong. It felt wrong that the mother suddenly becomes this understanding and sounds like she has learned by heart her therapist's reasoning why she has never loved Rule as much as Remy. To be frank, this left a bitter taste with me because everything about these scenes felt so "off" and "wrong". Should I reread this book I a year or two I will most likely skip those parts, because the actual romance itself is just perfect. A-