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All In - Raine Miller This comment applies to the first three parts in this series.

Note to self: Never ever buy - for WAY too much money - all three books in a series by an author you have never read before and aren't sure of liking. Because I didn't. But I read all three parts for I bought the books, damn, and they were so expensive, but not all that well edited and with quite a number of mistakes in them. And the first two instalments were rather shortish, more novella length and could have easily been combined into one longer novel.
I don't expect something groundbreaking new when I buy a Shades of Grey formula book (btw. never read that series!) and I truly understand the author's need of a good cash cow, but I definitely want more than cartoonish characters, and a plot which is way too overloaded with drama, trauma, "say you are mine" sex scenes and unwanted pregnancy (after that the Titanic ultimately sank IMO). Or at least if I get that, make me like the characters. It was just too much of everything in the end and I didn't believe in the story anymore. Brynne, the heroine, is highly traumatised by the past and then comes Ethan and magically heals her with his beauteous love making. I actually am that kind of reader who adores love at first sight and magical first sex scenes. You can sell me that again and again and I will LOVE it if it's done convincingly. I rarely will snub my nose at a love at first sight story, because I am sucker for this kind of trope. But did I mention it needs to be convincing?
And then there's Brynne, the lovely heroine who behaves, especially for a big city girl, like the worst country bumpkin upon meeting Ethan Blackstone. She usually doesn't trust strange men but somehow Ethan's manliness makes her behave rather stupidly, especially considering her trauma which appeared very convincing to me.

Also, the mini-series is set in London but doesn't feel British at all. But I won't extol on that point as there are some good reviews here on GR who already wrote about this.

D +