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Welcome to Sugartown

Welcome to Sugartown  - Carmen Jenner Sugartown started out really great. I highly enjoyed and liked the characters, the author's voice and the whole small-town set up, and then the hero went and literally fucked up everything and somehow I completely lost from one second to the other any desire to continue reading.

To make it short, Ana and Elijah have some serious problems with Elijah's former MC gang. After nearly having been raped, Ana breaks up with Elijah (though it's more than clear she still loves him) because she just can't deal with the whole situation. Elijah, ever the loving and considerate boyfriend, goes and fucks the local town slut against the wall of a pub. It's all ok for him because hey, he's young and horny and found a willing hole. He also knows that said willing woman already stole Ana's boyfriend in high school which makes the situation all the more "nice" as Ana is the one who discovers them. To top it off and that's actually what really annoyed me and made me want to slap the hero is him following Ana and telling her I love you.

He honestly thought they broke up and can't keep it in his pants and needs a quick shag? I could live with that. But do it with the girl he knows hurt Ana and then tell her he loves her is just plain stupid. DNF