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Angels in Leather - Bella Jewel Oyoyoyoy this story was bad and reminded me strongly of Captive in the Dark, another "romance" featuring an abusive completely twisted dark hero. Aside from NUMEROUS editing mistakes which just got plain on my nerves, I liked the beginning quite a bit. The heroine, being on the run from the hero, comes over as incredibly strong and tough. She has with her a seemingly valuable USB key with vital information regarding the hero.
Said hero captures her after a long fight and blackmails her into giving him the stick ... by throwing her, arms cuffed, into a river. That's when I stopped reading. I get it that he has a horrible past, that he has suffered but what I honestly can't stand are cruel heroes. He has her cuffed for hours to a bed without water and he is sexually aroused by her angst and horror when she tries to flee from him. Ok, I get even that twist considering his horrible past. But the icing on the cake was the heroine who is full of fright and fear and then she is physically overwhelmed by the hero and becomes aroused by him. I have read better rape fantasy stories; this one was just - to this reader's taste – too sick. DNF