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Untitled - Cherise Sinclair I never thought I would grade a Cherise Sinclair book a D, but never say never, there's apparently always a first time for everything. This remembers me of the time when Linda Howard's books went downwards and she was one of my favourite authors, still is with some of her novels.

What disturbed me most where "Edge of the Enforcer" is concerned is not the hero being a sadist (I would more label him a presumptuous, overbearing dick) but his hang-up with his money-hungry, bitchy and greedy ex-wife. He is so biased that he accuses the heroine not once or twice BUT three times throughout the story right up until the last part that she married her former husband for money and three times the stupid bitch forgives him with hardly any grovelling on deVries side and a simple joke of an excuse. I don't know if I want to slap her for her lack of pride and self-worth or him because believable it was NOT.

Usually, it isn't difficult to love Cherise Sinclair's doms. They are hunky and delicious, know their trade, are gentlemen to their core and have a tendency to save the heroine's ass in precarious situations. Besides the fact that in the last few novels the white knight syndrome has gone a bit overboard (but I like the trope, so I can live with it), deVries is NOT a dom I would trust. Admittedly, Sam, the Shadowland resident sadist, was rather tame and didn’t quite live up to my image of a true sadist, but after reading CB Conwy’s “A Russian Bear” series which deals with quite extreme, consensual pain play, I can safely say that I am able to enjoy these kind of stories if told right. My problem with the sex scenes was that they hurt like hell in my imagination, emotionally and physically (and not in a good way) and that I found it simply incredible how the heroine was able to submit to deVries again and again even though there was no obvious trust and a lot of baggage.

I found the whole “me sadist you submissive, I will beat on male masochists and afterwards have my wicked way with you” not overly satisfying, even though it offered a solution to the whole seemingly hopeless situation, seeing as the heroine is a true submissive but doesn’t have any masochistic tendencies. I finished the book because so far I have enjoyed Sinclair’s backlist highly, there are even some favourite re-reads among them, but this one was a real disappointment. D