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Leather+Lace - A.B. Gayle I should have loved this novel, great writing, superb plot and an interesting twist with the sub hero being a crossdresser, yet somehow I just wasn't able to fully connect with the story and expected a bit more.
Steven has been severely burned in a previous 24/7 relationship and is reluctant to give BDSM another try. Only in the last 10% of the story Steven and Don slowly start exploring D/s and just when I thought they finally were going deeper in their sexual relationship the story is finished. To be honest, when I buy a gay BDSM novel I want to read more kinky sex scenes and alltogether more about the D/s dynamics that's why I buy these genre books in the first place.
What was really well done was the whole crossdressing part and getting to know both sides of Steven, the manly, bald headed and inked person and the feminine, lascivious Stevie. I would grade this novel in an instant higher were there a second instalment that would give me a more satisfying ending. C+