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Lawful Escort - Tina Folsom I wanted some guilty pleasure brain candy but got such a politically correct, edgeless, boring carbon copy of the Shades of Grey formula that I needed to force myself to finish, only to find out that there's a marriage proposal at the end of the book which made me want to vomit seeing as they haven't even lived one WEEK together to test drive their everyday life. I simply do not get it, is this the American standard? Do I live on Mars because I find this revolting instead of cosy?

Authors can sell me lots of stuff, even moving together after a handful of hot trysts and talking about undying love, hell I LUV happy endings, but NOT NOT NOT talking about marriage when I do not even really know this person. And of course the rich billionaire who just was cheated by his former money-hungry girlfriend offers up half his assets by marriage to the heroine because he is convinced she is the one. *headdesk* someone please call the ambulance. D