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Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe Well, this recommended freebie started out great. The set-up is very un-PC, but, ironically, full of politically correct behaviour as far as possible. I was going with a solid B grade, highly enjoying all those nice guilty pleasure moments in the story, until the middle part when the story just got boring and dragged along. Somehow the second part just doesn't feel right and there's also the fact that the dom hero's migraines seem to disappear in a "deux-ex-machina" act as soon as he gets his hot hands on the hotter "gay for you" sub. Mehh. This bugs me, mainly because the first part was all about the migraine patient giving up his old life in order not to die of pain and then - pufff - gone thanks to some hat shagging partner when otherwise nothing else helped? C-