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Her Two Billionaires - Julia Kent Her Billionaires was a typical "can't resist the 0,49€ offer - one-click-buy" read. I should have been less tempted by the price and have read more reviews; consequently Amazon’s mojo wouldn’t have won out. The story is about a cookie-cutter ménage involving a BBW who previously had mostly bad experiences with the male gender due to her pin-up model buxom size 18 body and two average gorgeous hunks made billionaires as they inherited a brick load of money from their late wife/life partner.

Considering some serious spelling mistakes and the rather unimaginative and generic plot, the story's first two instalments turned out ok but underwhelming. What made me discontinue the series ultimately during the third part was the actual “ménage à trois” sex scene itself. Double penetrating a woman with zero anal sex experience and only using two fingers and a splash of lube to prepare her is, well, hurtful to say the least and not at all realistic. Ten years ago these scenes were aplenty in ménage stories, I have less knowledge how this is handled today as I tend to avoid love triangles, but I sincerely hope the genre can do better. DNF