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Simple Perfection

Simple Perfection - Abbi Glines What went wrong? The first part of Perfection was really cute and nice, in the second instalment, however, the villainess was so bad, I would seriously consider the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful, Denver Clan and Dallas together worthy of a Golden Globe nomination. She was so over the top despiteful, I couldn't take her seriously... only for her to kind of do a disappearing act in the later parts of the book.

What annoyed me even more was Della, the heroine. Yes, she had a horrible past ... blablabla, but come on, she is such a weak character in Simple Perfection, it was impossible to like her. I am too bad for Woods, I am too weak, Angelina is right, I am not strong enough, I am such a poor girl, I can't breath without him. Jesus woman, grow a backbone. DNF