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With or Without Him - Barbara Elsborg I feel seriously cheated, not only because this book is just so much over the top it feels fake all the time (which I could have lived with under certain circumstances), BUT NO - apparently a blurb that says
Warning: Contains a "for hire" bad boy with a filthy mouth, an awkward guy with a penchant for BDSM, a hypochondriac butler who won't shut up, a dog called Alcide, and a lot of hot and dirty M/M sex.

is not promise enough, because there was absolutely no BDSM in this book between the main characters. Yes, the rich hero saves the rentboy from a bad BDSM session and yes the sadistic dom "never having heard of safe sane and consensual heretofore" becomes a baaaad villain, but that does not make a kinky book either.

Besides my fruitless search for kiny sex scenes, I also wanted to seriously slap this silly twit of a butler. I know his elaborate, artsy and hypochondriac statements are supposed to be funny, but they also are just plain unbelievable and annoying and turn the already over the top "fake-feeling" novel into a parody.