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Ditching the Dream

Ditching the Dream - Isabelle Peterson The writing style was ok, though the story could have profited from a better spell proofing. What I didn't quite like, however, was the D/s dynamics between the hero and heroine which felt totally fake, suffered from bad timing and was lacking intimacy which is integral, IMO, for the characters to grow clower. Elizabeth experiences her first penetrative orgasm with Jack and in the afterglow of their lovemaking mentions that she has never had the same experience with her husband. Jack instantly pulls her out of the bed and delivers her a serious spanking as punishment for mentioning her husband. At this time in their relationship they have never talked about D/s not to mention established any boundaries or achieved a good understanding of their relationship. Not that the spanking was all that sharp but for all of Jack's vast experience, his empathy and sensitivity is not worth writing home about. C