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Frisky Business

Frisky Business - Michele Bardsley I enjoyed this story in a kind of guilty pleasure way. While the set up is not the most realistic, the novel started out funny and highly entertaining with me mentally gorging on a bucket full of delicious popcorn.

Unfortunately, somewhere towards the last third it kind of lost me, not because the story's brain-candy allure suddenly went missing but because the hero made an undying declaration of love and a proposal of marriage BEFORE they even shared their first kiss, let alone went at each others like monkeys. He is this super successful businessman and experienced dom and has been lusting after the heroine like forever, and finally, FINALLY she is showing interest in this whole kinkster stuff which is reason enough for him to profess his undying love and offer her a happy ever after *headdesk*. WTF? I am completely getting the wrong idea of America here because I only ever stumble upon those silly marriage proposals in books written by American authors.

And to make matters worse, when they finally start with the interesting stuff the book ends. Arggg, like in the middle of a sex scene which I didn't get before but which is the whole point of actually buying an erotic romance and it isn't a serial either. D