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Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams Let's be honest. All three parts of this series could easily have been squeezed into one standard-length novel. I will never understand this marketing hype and it doesn't particularly endear the author to me.

My first Whitney G. story was Mid Life Love which I absolutely adored... until I read the second part of the mini-series and had to downgrade my over-all opinion. The same happened with Reasonable Doubt. The story started out great and I went with a straight A for the captivating writing style, emotional depth and sexiness of the romance. In the second instalment the heroine slowly but steadily started to weaken. The hero has all the tendencies of a straight A a---hole and just about every time he switches personality, Aubrey caves in. She clearly sees that he has bipolar tendencies but where Andrew is concerned she slowly turns into a doormat.

Finally in the last part Aubrey separates herself from Andrew but it needs barely any grovelling at all for Aubrey to let him back into her life. I can't feel any real remorse for his callous behaviour on Andrew's behalf, but I do believe that he loves her.

Overall I would say that the third part of the story is the weakest which in turns makes me really angry because I am a sucker for a big fluffy happy ending. C