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New Leaves, No Strings - C.J. Fallowfield, Ebook-Design Co Uk This book is quite difficult to rate. On one hand it features a lot of guilty pleasure ingredients such as hot as hell sex scenes and a lovely and possessive alpha hero. On the other hand there were so many spelling mistakes in the story that I could barely continue reading.

My biggest problem, however, is the virginal heroine who does just about anything to please the hero and constantly worries whether she is "good enough" for him. She's barely out of high school and the "I have already banged 300 women" hero takes her pretty roughly on their first date. They have semi-public sex, even in a toilet and not once does she tell him to take it slower. She behaves like a seasoned hooker who is used to such a set up. And let’s be honest. Wild and rough sex is great, but which eighteen year old virgin would feel comfortable naked in a public restroom to perform porno-esque alike?

I don't mind insecure and young heroines who need time to grow but I just wanted to shake the girl to stop worrying about whether she pleases Gabe or not. This kind of lack of self-worth was pretty annoying.

The sex scenes itself were copiously to be found in the novel. I am not sure whether I will continue reading the series due to the sheer amount of spelling mistakes I have only encountered in this instalment. Also, I need to be in the mood to deal with this rather immature heroine. C-