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Bend Over

Bend Over - Brina Brady I was quite looking forward to this novel and expected something a bit edgy, dark and not always politically correct - especially after reading a blog post from this author where she mentioned that she doesn't do one hundred percent perfect doms.

I discontinued 50% into the story, mainly because the dom, Julien, turned me off completely and fucking annoyed me to no end. I didn't mind the sixteen years gap between the heroes, heck, I love May-December romances, well, as long as one of the MCs isn't Hugh Hefner yet.

One of Julien's rules is no lying, and he punishes Shane several times quite strictly for doing so. (For a virgin boy who isn't even sure about his gayness and inclination towards submission, I didn't particularly appreciate his way of punishment with little preparation and no talk about boundaries). However, Mr. Proper himself is lying continuously as he uses subterfuge and tricks to bind Shane to him and to make him his boy.

What ultimately made me discontinue the story was their first anal sex together. I like reading sex scenes. Enjoy them dirty and dark, sexy and sweet and sometimes full of (good) pain. In this case it felt to me just as if Shane was being deliberately and clinically hurt. There was little preparation and comfort just a demand to endure. If he truly wants this boy so much, is it too much to ask to show some kindness? He knows he is only eighteen and comes from a rather strict and unloving home. DNF