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The Dark Collector

The Dark Collector - Vanessa North I kind of expected more from this short story. It was well written, but I wasn't really able to connect with the characters. Also, it's too short, I would have hoped for a more fleshy ending. C

Six of Hearts

Six of Hearts - L.H. Cosway This was a great new discovery and definitely not my last LH Cosway. The author has a great way of drawin me into my story, not that it's difficult when it features a magician/illusionist plot - a true weakness of mine. A-

Embracing My Submission

Embracing My Submission - Jenna Jacob I have read my fair share of BDSM romances but this one was beyond my grasp. I was simultaneously bored and annoyed, not a good mix. DNF

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Whitney Gracia Williams Let's be honest. All three parts of this series could easily have been squeezed into one standard-length novel. I will never understand this marketing hype and it doesn't particularly endear the author to me.

My first Whitney G. story was Mid Life Love which I absolutely adored... until I read the second part of the mini-series and had to downgrade my over-all opinion. The same happened with Reasonable Doubt. The story started out great and I went with a straight A for the captivating writing style, emotional depth and sexiness of the romance. In the second instalment the heroine slowly but steadily started to weaken. The hero has all the tendencies of a straight A a---hole and just about every time he switches personality, Aubrey caves in. She clearly sees that he has bipolar tendencies but where Andrew is concerned she slowly turns into a doormat.

Finally in the last part Aubrey separates herself from Andrew but it needs barely any grovelling at all for Aubrey to let him back into her life. I can't feel any real remorse for his callous behaviour on Andrew's behalf, but I do believe that he loves her.

Overall I would say that the third part of the story is the weakest which in turns makes me really angry because I am a sucker for a big fluffy happy ending. C

Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry I am really looking forward to the continuation of Echo and Noah's story. A

Willing Captive

Willing Captive - Belle Aurora This was really nice, though the whole suspense plot felt fake and unbelievable to me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the romance of the story and definitely will keep an eye on Belle Aurora's writing. B

A Light at Winter's End

A Light at Winter's End - Julia London I was really looking forward to Wyatt's story after all he went through in A Summer of Two Wishes, but was bit apprehensive due to the baby plot. As it turned out the baby plot hurt the heroine somewhat massively but to make matters worse, Holly turned into a stupid twit towards the ending which Wyatt honestly didn't deserve. He is such a great guy, I would have wished for a heroine who grew up, pulled herself together and didn't run away but gives her love wholeheartedly. C

Worth the Chance

Worth the Chance - Vi Keeland A good continuation of the series, but my favourite is still the first book Worth the Fight. B

Worth the Fight

Worth the Fight - Vi Keeland Sigh, great plot and character development, erotic tension and captivating writing style. Another hit for me. A

Broken Hart

Broken Hart - Ella Fox Ehmm, not really my writing style. It felt stilted, awkward and often too generic. I got bored after the (I think) second sexaton and there still was so much to go. DNF

Until Trevor

Until Trevor - Aurora Rose Reynolds I just couldn't give Trevor one more chance. He is exactly the kind of boyfriend I don't want to encounter in my romance stories, so I DNF-ed.

Dangerous Passion

Dangerous Passion - Lisa Marie Rice A highly entertaining guilty pleasure Lisa Marie Rice read which makes me thankful that I don't live in a similar scenario than the heroine who will be in a gilded cage for the rest of her life due to her husbands illegal affairs. B

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor

Mistaking The Maid Of Honor - Tessa Bailey Urgg

If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1)

If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones Hmmm, it's rarely that I finish a book that I am going to grade an F, but I was also curious and in hope that it maybe would become better, however, that wasn't the case.

I really liked the idea of a mystery plot woven into the general love story, unfortunately, we don't get to know a lot about the mystery but would have to buy the next instalment which is a real let-down because I was looking forward to the gradually learn more about Rebecca who was clearly the most interesting person in the whole set-up. Sara is an ok heroine, albeit not the most charismatic and outstanding person. I had bigger problems with Mark Compton, Sara's boss, and Chris Merit, Sara's love interest.

Without telling too much, Mark plays a prominent role in the series and will get his own happily ever after later-on. He is also one of the most unfriendly, disagreeable and obnoxious characters I have met lately. Yeah, yeah, he is probably deeply hurt and blusters his way through life by being an ass, but honestly, I don't care. And because he has such an integral part to the story, he, too, was one reason why I don't continue the series.

The icing on the cake, however, is dear and lovely Chris who is such a boring and unmemorable person, I was hard pressed to believe he is a successful painter and chick magnet. Also, important to note Mark has a BIG BAD secret, namely that he belongs to a secret sex club and is into pain. *headdesk* Call the news people, this is such a surprise! F

Possessed by You

Possessed by You - J.M. Walker There is a lot of sex in this book which I didn't mind because it was extremely hot. I didn't even mind that there was very little plot between the shag-atons, however, the characters behaved so strangely and unbelievable out of the bedrooms, I couldn't bring myself to continue. DNF

Frisky Business

Frisky Business - Michele Bardsley I enjoyed this story in a kind of guilty pleasure way. While the set up is not the most realistic, the novel started out funny and highly entertaining with me mentally gorging on a bucket full of delicious popcorn.

Unfortunately, somewhere towards the last third it kind of lost me, not because the story's brain-candy allure suddenly went missing but because the hero made an undying declaration of love and a proposal of marriage BEFORE they even shared their first kiss, let alone went at each others like monkeys. He is this super successful businessman and experienced dom and has been lusting after the heroine like forever, and finally, FINALLY she is showing interest in this whole kinkster stuff which is reason enough for him to profess his undying love and offer her a happy ever after *headdesk*. WTF? I am completely getting the wrong idea of America here because I only ever stumble upon those silly marriage proposals in books written by American authors.

And to make matters worse, when they finally start with the interesting stuff the book ends. Arggg, like in the middle of a sex scene which I didn't get before but which is the whole point of actually buying an erotic romance and it isn't a serial either. D