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Breakable - Tammara Webber I usually avoid companion novels that just tell the story from the other's point of view. I kind of oversaw this fact in this case which turned out quite ok but I wouldn't invest my money a second time. Reading Easy was truly great, in this case I go with a B.

Shaken Series Box Set: Shattered & Shaken, All for Allie, Shattered & Mended

Shaken Series Box Set: Shattered & Shaken, All for Allie, Shattered & Mended - Julie Bailes, Becky Hot Tree Editing I didn't get into the author's voice and especially the heroines inner monologues at all. The sex scenes where hot, however, but couldn't entice me to continue. DNF

Unbeautifully Loved

Unbeautifully Loved - Emma Grayson What's not to like about this book's set-up I asked myself when I bought it? Nice heroine - on the run with her son and best friend from an abusive husband – gets help from a gorgeous alpha detective who wants to be her white knight.

The beginning of the story was good. I enjoyed the author's writing style and the book's flow, felt the chemistry between the heroine and hero and was all together looking forward to quickly finish the novel. ... In the beginning the reader is told that the house the refugees were going to live in was paid by the heroine's and her best friend's fathers. Talk about leaving a trail, but I thought ok – let’s give this story a chance, maybe it will turn out all right.
But then the heroine became this silly creature whom I just wanted to shake some sense into. Being on the run for eight months and apparently deadly afraid from her husband she is nevertheless stupid enough to not even THINK about locking!!!! her front door during the night. Also, as far as I understood - she uses her real name when she looks for work.?$%&
Additionally, I didn't really get the heroine’s father. His character was kind of contradictory. On one hand he wanted her to loose the baby and last saw her right after the birth of her son. Then he wants to make amends and helps paying for the house (ok - that part I get). And when he hears that his son in law is such a mean bastard he wants to kill him in order to protect his baby girl. Which father who would kill for his “baby girl” but doesn't offer the slightest support when she's pregnant? After reading half of the story I mostly skimmed the rest. D-

Eraser Amber

Eraser Amber - Megan Keith The story started out quite entertaining but somehow lost its flow towards the ending. I didn't bother reading the last instalmet in the series as everything became a bit too predictable. C-

Pure Will

Pure Will - Kristi Pelton Admittedly, I put this novel on my kindle due to its gorgeous and sexy cover. The sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine is quite tangible and full of tension. Unfortunately, the interesting parts were sometimes (not always) written in a rather PG-13-ish way which was kind of disappointing, as I nowadays prefer erotic romances without paraphrasing. B-

FOLLOW: Social Media #1

FOLLOW: Social Media #1 - JA Huss I didn't really like the hero, additionally he is an actor, a profession I don't appreciate in a hero. However, the story itself is quite sexy so I definitely will give another Huss novel a try. C

Dark Dreams White Lies #3: The Deal (Stafford Erotic Romance Trilogy)

Dark Dreams White Lies #3: The Deal (Stafford Erotic Romance Trilogy) - Miranda Mailer This instalment is the weakest part of the trilogy. Again, some shortening and serious editing would do the story a world of good. C for the last part.

The Ex

The Ex - Abigail Barnette Hmmm, I am sorry to say that I loved this romance story more in the beginning. Somehow all this swinging and swapping - which might even be hot if it has the right context - has become de trop for yours truly. But Sophie and Neil have only been together for two years, and the last one Neil fought for his life and against leukaemia. Generally, I prefer monogamy in my romance stories, or a less casual approach to the subject at hand at least. The sex scenes are at their best when it's just Sophie and Neil, but also in this case I would wish for no name calling during a BDSM scene. Neil was my number one gentleman BDSM hero when I started reading this series. He still is a great person but even if told in the best way during a truly steaming love scene, I find expletives such as "you filthy dirty whore" rather unsexy and off-turning. C+

Texas Tangle (Tangled #1)

Texas Tangle (Tangled #1) - Leah Braemel The sex scenes felt way too clinical, also, I didn't see how the MCs fell in love with each other. One page they were freshly married, on the next page there is talk of love . DNF

Big Girls Do It Better

Big Girls Do It Better - Jasinda Wilder I somehow oversaw that this series features a rock star hero. ERrrr ... not my favourite trope. C

My Most Precious One

My Most Precious One - Evangelene I do love possessive heroes, but there's a fine line between sexy and stalker-ish and in this case the hero's behaviour was way out of line and turned me off completely. DNF

Neanderthal Marries Human

Neanderthal Marries Human - Penny Reid A great continuation, but for my tastes way too much talk about marriages. (And yes I know, the book IS primarily marriage themed). Though, I really enjoyed the turn it takes toward the middle part/ending and shows that people are not always black and white but have different shades of grey and can make amends. B+

One Ride

One Ride - Chelsea Camaron Not my cup of tea. DNF

Until Nico

Until Nico - Aurora Rose Reynolds I really loved Until November and will definitely reread the story one day. All the following instalments of this series, however, weren't really to my liking. Too many babies, generic heroes and sometimes so much sugar that I can't stomach it anymore. Also do, to my opinion, the heroes have slightly mysoginistic tendencies. They tend to divide the female population into worthy and unworthy categories. And predictably following this stigma are the female antagonists quite cheaply and stereotypically drawn. This is nice once or twice but it kind of gets repetitive. D For Until Nico.

Until Lilly

Until Lilly - Aurora Rose Reynolds Sometimes there is such a thing as too much sugar. C

Neanderthal Seeks Human

Neanderthal Seeks Human - Penny Reid It has been a long time since I read a romantic comedy with a PG-13 rating that didn't bore me. Neanderthal Seeks Human is one of the funniest discoveries I made this year and features two superbly drawn characters. The only reason I go with an A- is the fact that the story is only PG 13 rated. I am fast bored by sex scenes but when the chemistry between the hero and heroine is as hot as in this case, I do wish to read a wee bit more about their togetherness than some inner monologue about the heroine's Ida. A-